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Juicy Retreats are a specialist Slow Juicer, Blender and Wellbeing company, dedicated to innovation, design and quality.

Bringing cutting edge, technologically advanced health and wellbeing products and appliances to our customers around the world.

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JR Ultra Juicers

JR Ultra Juicer Parts and Accessories.

Parts & Accessories

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JR Ultra Blenders

Juicy Retreats - Luxury Weight loss retreats, Detox retreats & Juice Retreats

Luxury Juice Retreats

The Power of Juice - Juicy Retreats

Juice Power

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"A lot of businesses could learn from Juicy Retreats. They're customer service in second to none and because of that, I would have no hestitaion from buying from them again or recommending them.

The quality of their products is also at a very high standard and the price very reasonable.
Great company.


Thank you JR for restoring my faith in good customer service in the UK"


Lucinda (Juicy Retreats customer) 

"Treat Yourself"

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Delicious Healthy Recipes

Sample our mouth watering juice recipes for ultimate health and nutrition.

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