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The Power of Juice

The Juicy Retreats Philosophy...

At Juicy Retreats, we believe that everyone is capable of achieving a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an all round sense of wellbeing and happiness. More importantly, we believe that this wellbeing can be achieved by using a simple, natural, common sense approach combined with nourishing juice to detox the body. Balance your lifestyle, eat the right foods, drink healthy, nutritious, fresh fruit and vegetable juice and you will achieve great health...its that simple!


At our retreats, we use tried and tested juice detox techniques that have proven success. Our focus is on spending a number of days getting to know you and giving your body the perfect environment, the right juicy nutrients and the best stress beating techniques to allow it to lose weight, detox and heal effectively. All of this is done within a fun, relaxing, holiday retreat environment, away from the everday stress that we all face.                          

Juice Fasting to the Rescue...

The Juice Fast


For years now since the JR CEO and founder, Fraser Leigh, healed his chronic health conditions with juice detox, he has been trying to educate other people on the benefits of Juicing and fasting through Juicy Retreats. His goal is to help other people to master their health goals, regain their health and feel as good as he now does. His belief is that this can be easily be done using Juice fasting detox techniques.


At our juice retreats, you will take the time to detox the mind and the body.  A healthy mind and body is vital for good wellbeing and neither can be fully healthy if the other is out of balance.


Detox the Body;


In the modern era that we live in, our bodies are under constant attack from toxins, chemicals, pollution, junk food, stress and more stress. The human body is a wonderful thing. It can detox and heal from a fair amount of abuse. However, after a while these toxins build up in our systems and our body can no longer cope and this is when we develop health issues;


  • Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema

  • Constant Fatigue

  • Headaches and cold like symptoms

  • Excess Mucus

  • Digestion Disorders

  • Weight gain

  • Inflammatory disorders like Crohns, Colitis and Joint pain

  • Bad breath and Achne

  • Cognitive issues like foggy thinking, depression, lack of motivation and irritability


The list goes on....


The body is more than capable of healing these conditions, but we must first allow it to detox our system and promote an internal environment which allows it to function properly.

Like the oil in your car, if you do not clean it once in a while, things are going to break down!!


The JR philosophy is that an essential part of the healing process for many chronic, long standing health problems is to detox the bodies internal system using a juice fast. For people new to fasting, 3 to 5 days of fresh, raw fruit and veg juice and broth with no solid food allows the body to forget about digestion and concentrate all of its energy on cleansing, detoxing and healing.                                                                         

Detox the Mind...

A vital part of the JR approach to natural healing is to redress the mind and body balance. If you do not detox your mind, then your body cannot detox and will become ill all over again. It may not even heal in the first place!!


JR believe that the stresses in life have a huge part to play in ill health, and only by learning how to relax the mind can you ever really and truly heal your body.


By really taking some time out to retreat, relax and rejuvinate the mind, you will see dramatic improvements in your overall health and wellbeing. Also, by adopting a calm and relaxed attitude to you future day to day activities, you will ensure that this feeling of wellbeing lasts long after your JR retreat. 

Watch an extended clip from the tv programme 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.' Joe Cross has an amazing journey from chronic sickness to perfect health by going on a Juice Fast.

The Power of Juice Fasting...

Some Superfoods we should all be Juicing...

Blueberries - Rich in Phytonutrients, vitamin C and manganase. 

Can help improve heart and brain function and reduce the risk of cancer. 

Wheatgrass - Packed with vitamins and enzymes and contains a high amount of chlorophyll which builds blood and detoxes, soothes and heals tissues internally. 

Beetroot - A great source of Folic Acid, Potassium, magnesium and vitamins

A, B6 and C. Beetroot helps tissue growth, beats fatigue and reduces the risk of heart disease and!!

Pineapple - Rich in vitamin C, Bromelain and Manganase, this tropical fruit can keeps your eyes healthy, helps digestion and can even reduce tumour growth.

Spinach - Full of phytonutrients, vitamin A and Iron. Popeye really was on to something. Spinach helps brain function, build blood and can even boost brain function.

Purple Grapes - As well tasting delicious, purple grapes contain bioflavanoids and lignins. Grapes help keep your heart healthy, repair cell damage, lower cholesterol and even help prevent breast cancer.

Broccoli - A nutritional powerhouse, Broccoli contains vitamins A, C and K as well as Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus and can lower risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Osteoarthritis. 

The Power of Juice...

Raw fruits and vegetables are nutritional powerhouses which detox your body and help make you healthy and strong both inside and out. By consuming nutritious, fresh fruit and veg juice, we can easily digest more nutrients in one glass than many people get in two or three days!! 


A few ways that raw juice works its magic...


The vitamins and minerals within help to fuel the body during cleansing and the naturally alkaline pH level of most fruit and veg helps to rebalance the pH of the body. Common foods like red meat, sugar and grain can cause acidity in the body and over acidity can promote a vast amount of health issues which can be improved simply with a juice detox.


Raw fruit and veg juice contains an abundance of live enzymes which promote a healthy internal system. These enzymes help the body to break down food and have many health promoting properties. Of course healthy on the inside creates health on the outside!!


Raw Juice contains an abundance of elements essential for healthy bodily function;

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Enzymes

  • And much more


Raw fruit and vegetable juice has anti inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that inflammation plays a huge part in many of our western diseases and ailments.


Why Raw?...


When undertaking a detox juice fast, it is essential that the majority of juice consumed be in its raw state. When heated to high temperature, enzymes are de-activated and vitamin content reduced. Giving the body the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals possible, allows it to detox fully and heal effectively.                                                                   

The 'S' Word...

Stress...The silent killer!!


Stress is a powerful thing. It has a profound effect on the human body, contributing to many of our modern day illnesses. A large number of chronic diseases and ailments are on the rise in our western society. These illnesses were nowhere near as rife 50-100 years ago and I believe our bad diet and toxic lifestyles are to blame. Fast living, stressful jobs and the pressure that we are under every day makes chronic stress a real issue that needs tackling. A detox for the mind is just as important as a detox for the body. 


Stress disrupts the entire human system and is known to contribute towards, amoung other things, the risk of;


  • High blood pressure

  • Heart attack

  • Stroke

  • Supression of immune system

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Inflammation

  • Skin Conditions

  • Hair Loss


And so much more..


Bottling up stress or trying to deal with emotional problems can have a truly detrimental effect on your health.


The JR approach, at our juice detox retreats, is to create an environment which allows you to fully relax and take some 'time out'. 

At Juicy Retreats you will be tought some wonderful stress management techniques to compliment your JR juice detox which will help you to cope better with stress in your day to day lives, these include;


  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Stress beating breathing techniques

Quick Stress Busting Hints and Tips...

  • Practice regular Yoga and Meditation


  • Take more regular Excercise

  • Breathe deeply from the stomach not the chest


  • Find time to laugh and play with friends and family

  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of such things as coffee, alcohol, cigarrettes and refined sugar


  • Avoid stressful situations and take a positive outlook on life.

A Message from Fraser... 

If you keep meaning to start a Juice fast but dont feel you have the time.

If you have been wondering if a detox can make you feel better but are still unsure, then GET JUICING AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!


I have experienced first hand the potent beneficial health effects that a Juice detox can have.


I suffered for many years with Ulcerative Colitis, a so called 'incurable' chronic disease, as well as an ever increasing list of other ailments like Eczema, Allergies, Migraines and Malnutrition, each of which made my life a complete misery.


I decided to take my life and health by the scruff and do something about it!! 


A new healthy diet, a better outlook on life, more excersise, far more relaxation, detox therapy and a hell of a lot of fresh juice and I can honestly say I have never felt better.


I believe that the juice fast had a huge part to play in me overcoming my Colitis and I fully recommend that you give it a go! Doctors say that there is no 'cure' for IBD, but I see it as being healed not cured! I have been healed for quite some time now and thats as good as a cure for me!!


I believe that detoxing is a fantastic way to dramatically improve if not gain full remission from a condition or just to lose weight in a healthy and enjoyable way. Your eyes will sparkle, you will be full of energy and as an added bonus your taste buds will be alive to everything. 


I can say hand on heart that I think Juicing saved my life!!


Happy Juicing


Fraser Leigh

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