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About Juicy Retreats

Juicy Retreats is a UK company founded in 2005 by Nutrition Expert Fraser Leigh. 


At the age of only 22, Fraser was diagnosed with an incurable bowel disease called Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory illness which over the next few years left him malnourished, underweight and constantly sick. Chronic fatigue, migraines, skin rashes and unbearable allergies soon followed so with his health seemingly spiralling out of control and having lost the majority of his prime years to ill health he made a change that had a profound affect on his life. 


After ditching the takeaways, alcohol, coffee and refined junk food and replacing them with healthy, wholesome, fruits and vegetables, Fraser began to feel a bit better.


More regular exercise, stress reduction, relaxation and the implementation of regular detoxifying raw fruit and vegetable juices into his diet and he felt even better still. 


Finally, he decided to perform a juice fast for several days that left him with clear skin, no headaches, completely clear of Colitis and with more energy and vitality than he had felt in years.


By then implementing a healthy eating and active lifestyle, along with regular juicing of a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables whenever possible he now lives a life that he never thought possible 10 years ago.


Frasers aim is to teach other people these healing techniques at the JR retreats, so that they too can achieve their health goals.   


This is the beginning of the Juicy retreats story..

The JR Ultra Brand and Our Philosophy..

Juicy Retreats believe that health and happiness can be achieved by everyone, it really is never too late. JR Ultra is synonymous with quality, passion and expertise. Together, these qualities create a premium brand born out of years of research, experience and an incredible drive by a passionate and committed organisation to supply only the very best products that are needed to achieve a healthy life, full of vitality. Our goal is to keep providing a JR Ultra brand that consistently exceeds the demand for high quality nutritional, juicing and wellbeing products.


At Juicy Retreats, we use tried and tested methods at our retreats which time and time again have had proven results.


We use Juice detox techniques which allow your body to rest and recover and can help you to lose weight, kick nasty habits, feel energised and can even help to improve health problems just like it did with Fraser. 


Our aim is to create retreats that last long in the memory and help to educate you in healthy living so that you can continue to feel fantastic into the future.


We also endeavour to create a retreat experience which is squeezed full of content and activities to make the whole detox experience enjoyable and fun, as well as bring together like minded people to experience their retreat journey together.


By working with other top detox professionals, holistic practitioners, yoga teachers and therapists, we are constantly evolving as an organisation and do everything we can to remain educated and pass on new juice detox techniques and therapies to you to help you acheive your goals.

The Future of Juicy...

Our main focus is to use nearly a decade of juicing experience and expertise to deliver juice detox retreats which help people to find new health and vitality and this will never change. 


We see a future where we have made Juice detoxing appealing and available to everyone. Whether you like to detox lounging in a spa, prefer your juice taken whilst rock climbing, or maybe you just want to have a retreat in your own home, we have a dedicated detox team who are committed to expanding our retreat range to suit everyone's needs.


The JR Ultra brand is constantly expanding and we will continue to strive to bring to you the very best in juicing products and to keep the JR Ultra Juicers and blenders at the very pinnacle of technology as they already are. The JR Ultra brand is growing extremely fast and soon JR will be your first choice for everything related to juicing, health, fitness and wellbeing. 


Whatever the Juicy future holds, if we keep doing what we are doing, we honestly believe that for us and many people it will be extremely bright!!



Meet the Team...

Juicy Retreats has a large workforce supplying the very best customer service possible. Below are some of your main contacts

Fraser Leigh  -  Founder

David Webb  -  Head Researcher

Kate Morgan  -  Retreat Organiser

Sam Ward  -  Marketing/PR

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