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Purus Assembley


Fraser Leigh show how easy it is to assemble the wonderful Purus

JR Purus... Why is the juice so pure


Fraser Leigh explains why the Purus juice is so pure because of the revolutionary 3 in 1 auger system and the 30rpm rotation.

JR Purus... Pure, Smooth Juice Recipe


Fraser Leigh demonstrates juicing with the JR Purus

and shows the purity of the juice and just how easy 

it is to create with this fantastic juicer.

JR Purus... Blueberry Recipe


Fraser Leigh shows how to create a delicious and 

immune boosting juice with berries in the JR Ultra

Purus Slow juicer.

JR8000 Series

JR 8000.. Incredible Hulk Recipe


Create delicious juices and smoothies in the JR8000

with incredible ease. Check out this healthy and

tasty juice recipe and see teh JR8000 juicer in action

JR 8000S.. Juicing With Ease


See how easily the JR 8000S juices through a range

of ingredients with minimal chopping. If inserting 

whole apples is your thing, then check out this 

delicious smoothie recipe.


JR 6000 Quality Juicing...Affordably


The JR 6000 offers many of the features of the higher

priced more premium models but at a much lower

price. See why the JR 6000 juicer is one of the most advanced juicers to buy in its price bracket and the 

juicer for you if you are on a tighter budget....


JR Touch

JR TOUCH Blender


The JR Touch Blender, outstanding commercial blender for house hold blender prices, see the video for an introduction to its functionality, features etc


JR TOUCH Blender


Whipped cream with ease!


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