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JR Ultra 8000 S4 Self Feeding Slow Juicer

JR Ultra 8000 S4
Self Feeding Slow Juicer

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JR Ultra 8000 S4 Self Feeding Slow Juicer
The pinnacle of juicing sophistication: the brand new JR Ultra 8000 S4
Self-Feeding Slow Juicer. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative features, this juicer redefines the art of extracting pure goodness from nature's bounty.

Effortless Juicing, Elevated:

Self-Feeding Mechanism: Navigate through fibrous produce effortlessly with a self-feeding mechanism and a large 135 cm feed chute.

Clog-Prevention Structures: Bid farewell to frustrating clogs with innovative structures designed to tackle fibrous foods like celery.

3-in-1 Strainer System: Streamline your cleanup routine with a simplified 3-in-1 strainer system, reducing parts and enhancing convenience.

High-Torque 300-Watt Motor: Experience superior juice extraction with increased torque from the new 300-watt motor.

Streamlined Design: Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with a sleek, space-saving design that seamlessly integrates into any culinary space.

Ultra-Slow 37 RPM Rotation Speed: Preserve nutrients and taste with an ultra-slow 37 RPM rotation speed, ensuring the purest, vitamin-rich juice.

Unveil the essence of perfection. Choose the JR Ultra 8000 S4

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What is 8000 S4 EasyFeed  ?




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Beautifully Engineered


What makes it so good?

New EasyFeed Self Feeding System

Revolutionary self-feeding system simplifies juicing. Just fill the 135mm, 1.8-litre juicing bowl with food, close the lid, and let the machine do the rest. No more tedious feeding, just effortless operation for uninterrupted juicing pleasure


No Clogging, Easy Cleaning


Redesigned internal structures prevent clogs, especially from

high-fiber foods like celery. Enjoy uninterrupted juicing without the frustration of blockages, thanks to the innovative design of the JR Ultra 8000 S4. Effortlessly extract every drop of goodness with ease and confidence.


Beauty meets Performance.


The compact premium design combines space-saving elegance with a powerful 300W performance.


Available in sophisticated matt silver and vibrant gloss red, the JR Ultra 8000 S4 elevates your kitchen aesthetics.


Crafted with the highest strength BPA-free parts, it ensures both durability and safety, embodying excellence in every aspect

Extra Large FeedSafe EasyFeed Chute

Introducing FeedSafe EasyFeed chute: at 135mm in diameter, it's one of the largest on the market.


Say goodbye to tedious prep work—simply add your entire recipe into the chute, close the lid, and let the machine take care of the rest. Experience effortless juicing with minimal food preparation, redefining convenience.


Height = 49 cm    Width = 16 cm    Depth = 20 cm

JR 8000 S4 Self Feeding Slow Juicer

JR Ultra Patented Slow Juicer Technology


Unmatched Juice Purity

Experience unrivaled purity with a 37 RPM rotation speed, among the slowest available. Delight in the benefits of gentler squeezing, preserving vital nutrients, enzymes, and flavors. With the JR Ultra 8000 S4, indulge in the essence of freshness with every sip, elevating your juicing experience to new heights


JR 8000 S4 Slow Juicer

Greater Juice Extraction

Empowered by a robust 300-watt motor and the innovative EasyFeed system, the JR Ultra 8000 S4 maximizes juice extraction with minimal pressure reduction. Fewer juicing parts mean more force is directly applied to the food, ensuring every drop of juice is extracted. Experience unmatched efficiency and yield with every operation

Smart Juice Cap


The new larger bowl and redesigned internal parts allows for more juice to be held inside the bowl with the juice cap closed when mixing juices. This juice cap also prevents drips onto the counter when closed after juicing.


A company as rich as its juice in customer service!


The service, support and product are just fabulous!

I dearly love this juicer and it's changed my life for the better

THANK YOU for restoring my faith in British customer Service and products!.

- Kim Rowley

Trustpilot Review

So far this juicer has been amazing. I would recommend it.

- Angelina de Souza Walker

Amazon Review

3 in 1 Ultimate Filter
One Filter...Endless Possibilities

1. Juices, Nut & Bean Milks

2. Thick Juice 

3. Frozen Fruit Dessert 

JR 8000 S4 Filter


Patented 3 in 1 Filtration System


One Filter to Rule Them All

Revolutionizing juicing convenience, the JR Ultra 8000 S4 features a patented 3-in-1 filter system, consolidating what used to require three separate filters into one. Whether it's juice, thicker blends, or frozen desserts, this single filter handles it all with finesse. Enjoy ultra-smooth extraction and effortless cleanup, elevating your juicing experience to new heights


 Supreme Gloss Red

JR 8000 S4 Self Feeding Slow Juicer
JR Ultra 8000 S4 Slow Juicer


  • EasyFeed Juicing Technology

  • 37 RPM Rotation

  • AC 300 Watt Motor

  • 50-60 dB noise level

  • BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Plastics

  • Ultem Auger

  • Up to 30 Minutes run time

  • Forward and Reverse Functions

  • Dimensions: 50cm tall x 16cm wide x 26cm deep

  • Weight: 8kg

  • Included extensive 5 Year Motor and 2 Year parts warranty

  • Optional 10 Year Motor Warranty and 3 Year parts

  • Overheat and overload cut out safety system

Drinking Green Juice

Joy Redefined

JR Ultra 8000 S4 Slow Juicer

The JR Ultra 8000 S4 Juicer. Whats included?

The most feature packed juicer on the market..with less parts for easy cleaning

  • ​Main Juicing Unit, 300 Watt AC Motor

  • 1 x Three in one Strainer System

  • 1 x Pusher

  • 2 x Jugs (1 x Juice Jug, 1 x Pulp Jug)

  • Cleaning Brush.

  • Detailed JR Ultra Juicer instruction manual

  • Recipe Card

  • Comprehensive 5 Year Motor Warranty, 2 Years Parts

  • Optional 10 Year Warranty, 3 Years Parts


Unrivalled Purity

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