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JR 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer

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JR Ultra 8000 S2

Whole Slow Juicer

What is 8000 S2?

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 whole slow juicer, voted as one of the best 2022 juicers by The Independent and T3 Magazine! Our industry leading 3rd generation whole slow juicer that gives you MORE...

Juice - Up to an incredible 2 hours juicing per session, redesigned Tritan filters like no other and a unique 2 step auger design enable even more juice to be squeezed than before. The 8000 S2 is the perfect home or commercial juicer

Vitamins - Squeezing at just 37rpm and with brushes at just 17rpm, the 8000 S2 is one of the slowest rotating whole slow juicers you can buy, giving the purest possible juice, packed full of nutrition.

Taste - At just 17rpm, the brushes delicately move your juice inside the machine to create a vibrant, delicious tasting juice.

Safety - New patented FeedSafe feed chute with rotating platform means no stray hands can go wondering into the juicer inlet.

Beauty - New curved sleek design with gloss or metallic colours to choose from make this a stunning machine for your kitchen.
Time - The patented FeedSafe rotating platform and extra wide whole feed chute enable you to simply place, turn and drop more whole foods like apples into the machine with incredible ease. Less chopping, easier operation and more time saved!

Features - 3 included strainers for smooth juice, thick juice and sorbet, as well as an included pulp strainer means that the 8000 S2 creates a juice perfect for you.

Read on to find out more...



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JR 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer

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Supreme Gloss Red

Next Generation Juicing...

JR 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer

What makes it so good?

Juicing Made Simple!

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 can juice continually for up to 2 hours! This is longer than any other household slow juicer making it suitable for home or commercial use and is perfect for small or large families.

The new FeedSafe   feedchute makes juicing a breeze and safe for all. Simply place, rotate and drop more foods in their whole form into the machine saving you time and effort. 


JR Ultra Patented Slow Juicer Technology


Featuring the most advanced juicing design and technology. The new upgraded Advanced Squeeze Technology on the 8000 S2 features a new 2 step auger design and filters with greater mesh surface area to ensure that the maximum amount of juice possible is extracted, even from tough to juice leafy greens.



Stunning Design, Beautifully Quiet


Stunning curves, a premium gloss design and one of the quietest motors on any whole slow juicer, come together to make this one of the most premium juicers you can buy. 

Juice any time day or night confidently and quietly with this powerful yet beautifully discreet machine.

Simple Assembly

A fully guided arrow indicator system allows you to assemble the JR Ultra 8000 S2 easily in seconds and get straight to juicing.


Height = 49 cm    Width = 16 cm    Depth = 26 cm

JR8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer

JR Ultra Patented Slow Juicer Technology


A Much More Superior Juice

With a rotation speed of just 37rpm and a rotation wiper speed of just 17rpm, your juice is squeezed, pressed and moved by the    8000 S2 much more gently than other whole slow juicers. These are among the slowest speeds of any whole slow juicer. Slower speeds mean a purer, tastier and much more superior juice that has less oxidisation, more nutrition and much longer life.

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 is at the pinnacle of juice extraction.


Non Drip Mixing Cap


Pre Mixed Juice & Easier Cleaning 

The unique non drip mixing cap allows you to rinse the machine if you are doing more than one type of juice. Closing the cap and pouring in water allows you to rinse away some of the flavours if you intend to do a second juice straight away. 


Keeping the cap closed during juicing also means that the juice is mixed inside the machine allowing you to pour out a ready made juice. The added bonus is that closing the cap after juicing prevents the sticky drips on the work surface. So simple, so effective!


A company as rich as its juice in customer service!


The service, support and product are just fabulous!

I dearly love this juicer and it's changed my life for the better

THANK YOU for restoring my faith in British customer Service and products!.

- Kim Rowley

Trustpilot Review

So far this juicer has been amazing. I would recommend it.

- Angelina de Souza Walker

Amazon Review

3 in 1 Magic Machine

1. Juices, Nut & Bean Milks

2. Thick Juice 

3. Frozen Fruit Dessert 

Juices, Smoothies, Frozen Fruit Dessert and Nut Milk!


Like all JR Ultra juicers, the 8000 S2 comes packed with included features. The 3 included filters on this JR Ultra Juicer are ideal for creating delicious smooth juices, 100% frozen fruit desserts, thick juices, and nut/bean milks. You and your whole family can now enjoy tasty sweet treats that are 100% good for you. No additives, no preservatives, just 100% healthy and completely homemade.

JR 8000 S2 Whiole Slow Juicer

Stunning Alpine Gloss White

JR 6000 Slow Juicer


  • 37 RPM Rotation

  • 17 RPM Wiper Rotation

  • Run Time 90 - 120 Minutes

  • AC 240 Watt Motor

  • 50-60 dB noise level

  • BPA Free Plastics

  • Ultem Auger and Tritan Filter​

  • Forward and Reverse Functions

  • Dimensions: 50cm tall x 16cm wide x 26cm deep

  • Weight: 8kg

  • Included extensive 5 Year Motor and 1 Year parts warranty

  • Overheat and overload cut out safety system

Joy Redefined

The JR Ultra 8000 S2 Juicer. Whats included?

The most feature packed juicer on the market..

  • ​Main Juicing Unit with 2 hour, 240 Watt AC Motor

  • 1 x Smooth Juice Filter

  • 1 x Course Juice Filter

  • 1 x Frozen Fruit Dessert Filter

  • 1 x Pusher

  • 1 x Rotating Basket Brush

  • 2 x Jugs (1 x Juice Jug, 1 x Pulp Jug)

  • Pulp Sieve (for juice jug)

  • Cleaning Brush.

  • Detailed JR Ultra Juicer instruction manual

  • Recipe Book

  • Comprehensive 5 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Years Parts

  • 1 Year Commercial Warranty

Unrivalled Purity

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