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JR Puralife P-Series 

Air Purifiers

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The air we breathe can contain pollutants called Particulate Matter (PM), measured in microns. A human hair measures around 100 microns. Inhalable particles under 10 microns in diameter, such as pollen, are known as PM 10, while cooking gases and other pollutants can be PM 2.5 or less.

Because our houses tend to be more sealed these days, pollutants and allergens can't always escape. But they can be captured.

Your home or office can be filled with pollution, airbourne bacteria and viruses that can't always be seen.

The air quality in your home can be up to 5 times worse than outdoors


PM 10, PM 2.5, PM 0.1 pollution fill the air in your home

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Purity For Life

What Is Puralife P - Series?


What makes them so good?

Purity Made Simple!

Purity should not be complicated. The JR Puralife P-Series air purifiers use industry leading technology to remove up to 99.97% of harmful airbourne particles and pollution, effectively purifying the air in your home, office or indoor venue at the touch of a button. 


JR Puralife Patented Purifying Technology


JR Puralife features the most advanced, industry leading 5 Stage air purifying and steralising technology, including​:

  • Hepa H13 antibacterial filters

  • Activated carbon Filter

  • Pre filter

  • UVC Light

  • (No harmful Ozone like other purifiers)



Setting the Purity Standard.


JR Puralife air Purifiers are leading the fight for cleaner, purer air.

The P-Series air purifiers effectively remove, neutralise and kill air particles down to 0.1 PM size, such as:

  • PM 10​​

    • Dust, fluff, pet dander, pollen​

  • PM 5 

    • Airbourne bacteria and mould​

  • PM 2.5

    • Industrial emissions, odours, benzyne, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide

  • PM 0.1

    • Ultrafine nanoparticles, viruses, germs


Incredible air purification leaving your air fresh, pure and free from many harmful particles and bacteria.

Stunning Design, Beautifully Quiet

Designed to be quiet and beautifully discreet in your room. With 2 speeds plus sleep function, you are in full control of your purity and assured that JR Puralife P-Series air purifiers are quietly and effectively keeping the air you breathe as pure as it can be.


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Gases, particles and pollutants, potentially harmful to your health, spread

throughout your home

Patented 5 Stage Purity


Stage 2 - Activated Carbon Filter

Stage 3 - Hepa 13 Filter

Stage 1 - Pre Filter

Stage 4 & 5 - UVC Sterilizing light

Stage 1 - Pre Filter

The first stage Pre Filter is designed to effectively catch and neutralise the larger air particles including dust, fluff, pet dander, mould, fungi and larger bacteria molecules and pollen. This means early filtration of large particles which would otherwise clog and reduce the effectiveness of the Hepa filters responsible for the later stages of purification. 

Your air is then free from those offensive larger particles which cause hayfever and allergies.

AdobeStock_361126460 (1).jpeg
AdobeStock_361126460 (1).jpeg

Stage 2 - Activated Carbon Filter

Our unique industry leading activated carbon filter uses the highest

quality activated carbon to filter and neutralise potentially poisonous gases such as formaldehyde from carpets and floors, nitrogen oxide from gas stoves and car fumes, and also benzene and VOCs from household cleaning products and scented candles.

This leaves your air smelling beautifully fresh and free from harmful chemical gases and household odours which can cause you respiratory irritation.

Stage 3 - True Hepa H13 Filter

The JR Puralife P-Series purifiers are equipped with true Hepa H13 antibacterial air filters. Our filters are designed to capture up to 99.97% of harmful ultra fine particles down to 0.1pm size. Our H13 Hepa filter is up to 5x more effective than lower quality H11 filters used on other air purifiers.

This highest quality antibacterial filtration can remove and kill the tiny invisible air particles such as germs, bacteria and viruses.

AdobeStock_361126460 (1).jpeg

Stage 4 - UVC Air Steralisation

The JR Puralife P-Series purifiers include integrated UVC lamps. Viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and germs hate the sunshine. With JR Puralife, you get sunshine inside the machine in the form of a UVC lamp.

Turning on this UV light option means it shines directly on your purified air before it leaves the machine. This acts like another layer of air steralisation to make your air as pure as it can be.

Stage 5 - Negative Ions

The JR Puralife P-Series purifiers are one of the only air purifiers to effectively neutralise micro-pollutant particles in the air before they even reach the purifier.


By diffusing harmless, invisible, negatively charged Ions into the air in your room, these Ions act like a magnet and attract the harmful, positively charged pollutants and nano particles and stick to them like a magnet. These nano particles and pollutants then get heavy and fall to the floor rendering them harmless, waiting to be swept or vacuumed  away....genius!

This invisible army of negative ions is constantly neutralising harmful particles throughout your whole room, before the air has even been filtered by the machine.

Negative ions are present in all of nature and have incredible health benefits including boosting immunity, promoting better sleep, improved blood circulation and improving your mood.


Take Control of Your Purity


Touch Panel Control with 2 speeds and Sleep Mode

The beautiful and simple design of the integrated touch panel gives you full control of your purity. 

High and low speeds PLUS sleep mode enable you to choose the level of purification you need. In sleep mode, the JR Puralife P-Series air purifiers operate near silently at around 30dB to maintain purity overnight without disturbing your beauty sleep. In fact, purer air means purer sleep.


Stunning Alpine Gloss White


A company rich in customer service!


The service, support and product are just fabulous!

They are probably the best company I have ever dealt with for customer service and support and the products are excellent

THANK YOU for restoring my faith in British customer Service and products!.

- Kim Rowley

Trustpilot Review

I would have given them 10 stars if I could

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JR Puralife P-Series Air Purifiers. Whats included?

The most feature packed purifiers on the market..

  • ​Main Purifier Unit

  • Touch Control Panel with 2 speeds and sleep mode

  • UVC Sterilizing light 

  • Remote Control

  • 1 x Hepa 13 Filter 

  • Instruction Manual

  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Breathe Purity






Chord Length



Hepa H13


12w - 24w

Noise Level

< 30dB


Dimensions P.30







Dimensions P.20





Room Size P.30


Room Size P.20




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