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Algarve Juice Retreat




      The retreat was fantastic. I honestly loved every minute. I feel wonderful! 










      The retreat was so peaceful and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  

JR Ultra 6000 Slow Juicer

Shed pounds in gorgeous rural Somerset

Monte D'oiro - Algarve

In 2014  Juicy Retreats are proud to be able to invite you to the gorgeous, sun drenched location of Portugal, for a full 7 day weight loss and

detox retreat at the truly luxurious Monte D'oiro.


The drama and beauty of the Algarve really needs to be seen

to be believed. However, take our word for it, the inspiring

sea air, crystal clear waters and unbelievable coastline

make this an incredible location to detox and revitalise. The perfect

place for the perfect detox experience.


We will begin holding Weight Loss and Detox retreats at Monte D'oiro in 2014 and we fully expect them to be a great success. You will experience an extensive Juice detox programme for weight loss and vitality which includes yoga, spa treatments, guided walks and hikes through the beautiful countryside and along the stunning beaches as well as a boat trip around the coast to explore the many wonderous caves. 


Spending 7 days in this incredible part of the world will leave you not wanting to go home. However, when it is time to leave, we are sure that you will go home feeling like a new person and take with you memories of a lifetime. 

Stunning Location...

The gorgeous, sunny location makes Monte D'oiro the ideal place to retreat. Situated near to the stunning south Portugese coastline, on the outskirts of the beautiful town of Lagos, this is a true holiday destination to relax and unwind. The beautiful countryside, dramatic coastline and of course the gorgeous weather create the perfect environment to take relaxing walks and trips out sightseeing, to join us on a boat trip or just to lay around, taking in the view and detoxing in luxury. A retreat in the Algarve really is a wonderful experience. 


At Monte D'oiro you will experience a beautiful blend of Portugese style with a comfortable minimalist feel that you cant help but lay back and relax in.

Each guest has their own beautifully furnished en-suite room complete with a private balcony or terrace to sit and soak up the sun and all guests are able to unwind in the modern luxurious lounge or find a peaceful moment on the gorgeous roof terrace.


At Monte D'oiro you will feel like you and the other Juicy Retreat guests have had your very own spa hotel built for you. Along with the beautiful accommodation, you can take advantage of the fully equipped onsite gym, sauna, treatment room, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, sunbathe by the pool, find your own spot in the landscaped garden and drink your Juice alfresco in the outdoor dining area. Its like your own hotel without hundreds of other guests!


Join us for our Juice detox in the Algarve and you will experience an envigorating, relaxing, healing week that may just change your life... 

The Retreat Experience...

At Juicy Retreats, we understand that when you go on a retreat, thats exactly what you want to do....retreat!! We know that you want a break from running around making stessful decisions, so we have put together a detox schedule of juices and activities which means that the only thing you have to worry about is whether you sit in the Jacuzzi or go in the Sauna!


At our full 7 day retreat, the extensive detox programme contains all the ingredients needed to help you to achieve your goals. Our aim is to create an environment which allows you to relax, unwind and have fun while taking part in a Juice detox that is truly unique. We are certain that you will leave us at the end of the week feeling lighter, fitter, happier and healthier and with a feeling that you have just taken part in a retreat with a bit of a difference.


To create the best possible experience, a 7 day Juicy Retreat at Monte D'oiro includes an extensive Juicing regime as well as a full activities schedule. Daily yoga, meditation, and relaxation sessions, as well as two complimentary massage treatments, countryside walks, beach visits, a boat trip and sightseeing in the surrounding areas are included and much more...


We believe that your body can only truly detox, heal and revitalise if your mind is at ease and relaxed. The 7 day Juice detox at Monte D'oiro is full of fun, relaxing and restful activities to take your mind away from your daily worries which will allow you to completely rest....rejuvinate.....retreat....the Juicy Retreats way!! 

The Programme...

The 7 day algarve retreat is all about detoxing, relaxing and having fun. You and the other Juicy Retreats guests will be invited to take part in daily activities which will help you clear your mind, relax your bodies and achieve your detox goals as well as keeping you entertained and putting a big smile on your face. Included in the programme is daily Yoga, Meditation, and Guided Walks as well as Sightseeing Trips, Beach Visits, a Boat Trip, 2 complimentary massage treatments and of course unlimited use of the Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Gym.


An introduction to Juicing, nutritional talks and workshops from our nutritionist and stress beating breathing instructions to help with anxiety are also included as education which you can use after the retreat.


Of course let's not forget that you will be given regular daily juices, super shots, herbal teas and mineral broths to supercharge your body with healing vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. You will also receive body brushes (with a chat on how to do it) and Epsom Salts, as well as daily supplements including cleansing herbs and detox support formulas to assist your body in ridding itself of toxins.


At the end of the week, to make a return to solid food, a celebratory, light, delicious, portugese style, post fast meal is given, which is complimented with entertainment into the evening to finish a fantastic detoxifying week in style.


A healthy breakfast starts your departure day with sun salutations and why not squeeze in a swim, nip in the sauna or jump in the hot tub one last time before you leave!!

What's Included...

  • Pre retreat pack to include hints and tips on how you can begin cleansing and healing before the retreat to enable you to get the best results possible when you attend.

  • Free Transfers between Monte D'oiro and the airport (this will be arranged with you closer to the time of your retreat).

  • 7 Nights Stay in your own En-suite room with balcony or terrace, overlooking the stunning pool....bliss!! 

  • En - Suite Accommodation

  • Healthy Final Meals to transition into the Juice Fast

  • Full access to the on site swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna.  

  • A Fully equipped Gymnasium where you can excersise, stretch or meditate

  • A Daily Regime of juices, teas, green shots and broths to aid with weight loss and detoxification.

  • Daily Supplementation of cleansing herbs and support formulas to help the body cleanse.

  • Optional Coffee Enemas to draw out toxins.

  • Epsom Salts and Body Brushing equipment with an intro on body brushing techniques

  • Relaxation sessions such as meditation and stress beating breathing techniques.

  • Daily  Yoga class to relax and rejuvinate helping with the detox process. 

  • 2 Complimentary Massage Treatments. (additional treatments can be booked)

  • Daily guided beautiful walks in the Portugese countryside and along the beach..

  • A Trip Out to the town of Lagos for souvenirs.

  • A Complimentary Body Massage Class

  • A Complimentary Boat Trip to take in the gorgeous and dramatic Portugese coastline..

  • Regular Talks on nutrition, anti inflammatory healing foods and body typing.

  • A Complimentary, celebratory, healthy 'break the fast' 3 course Portugese meal to end the week with entertainment into the night. 

  • A Light, Healthy Breakfast on the day of departure.  

  • A Detox Goodie Bag to take home.



A 7 day Juice Detox and Weight Loss Retreat in the Algarve with the Juicy Retreats Team really is one of the most extensive and enjoyable retreats you could possibly attend. You truly will leave feeling like a brand new person!!


(Flights to and from Portugal are not included in the cost of the retreat.)


The benefits of Juice fasting are well documented. Many people who come to the Monte D'oiro retreat could potentially see the following:


  • Improved Fitness

  • Weight loss of around 7Llbs

  • Improved clarity of mind in skin and hair condition

  • Better hair and skin 

  • Improvement and sometimes complete disappearance of symptoms of existing health issues

  • Improved energy levels

  • Better sleep

  • A happier more positive outlook

  • Improved body tone

  • Lower level of inflammation in the body

  • Better digestive health and function

  • Less general aches and joint stiffness

  • Improvement in overall health.


And much more...

Your Detox

At this sunny coastal retreat, you are in complete control. An extensive detox schedule has been created to maxime your week and give you the best chance of acheiving your goals. However, just like our other programmes, this really is 'your' detox experience.


At Monte D'oiro, let your mood determine what you do! Feeling active? Then join us on a guided walk or jump in the pool...Feeling Lazy? Then lay in the sun and gaze out at the wonderful view...Feeling tense? Then why not pamper yourself with a massage....whatever you choose to do we understand that its your week and we will fully support you to achieve your goals.

Getting Here...

The retreat normally runs from Saturday at 3pm unil the following Saturday at 12pm.


Flight costs are not included in the price of the retreat. However, free transfers to and from the airport are included. This can be organised at a later date, nearer to the beginning of your retreat. 


For a detailed map location along with address and instructions on getting to the retreat, please click the link.




Our Relaxation and Juice Detox Retreat at Monte D'oiro is BRAND NEW FOR 2014!


New Dates have just been announced so be sure to book your place today.


You can BOOK YOUR PLACE>  on this once in a lifetime experience and be amoung the lucky few to detox at this fantastic venue.


Prices for this fantastic retreat start at just £1295 per person.


Currently we have retreats on the following dates;




Sold out



Dates just released...


13th - 20th September    Sold Out


Please register interest for future dates...

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