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UK Lake District Juice Retreat




      The retreat was fantastic. I honestly loved every minute. I feel wonderful! 










      The retreat was so peaceful and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  




      I really enjoyed the juices. They were so tasty! After a while I didn't even feel hungry and I had so much energy. My IBS symptoms have improved as well!! 




Shed pounds in gorgeous rural Somerset

Irton Hall - Lake District

Join the Juicy retreats team at the beautiful and historic Irton Hall for our 7 day, adventure based weight loss and detox retreat set in the

stunning English Lake District. Perfect for those who like their

detox experience to be a bit more adventurous!! 


Irton Hall is the perfect location to relax and unwind after  

a thrilling day of activities. Detox your mind and body, lose

weight and have some serious fun while doing it!!


We run Adventure based, Juice Detox and weight loss retreats

in the English Lake District from spring until Autumn. They are hugely popular and unique retreats where you get to experiance a Juice detox and weight loss programme with a bit of a difference! Enjoy adventures like Abseiling, Rock Climbing and High Ropes courses as well as the traditional detox methods of Yoga, Meditation and Massage Therapy and all of it in incredible surroundings.   


All of this is Jam Packed into 7 fantastic days staying in a vast and impressive manor house, in an inspiational setting.

At this retreat you could lose up to 7 Llbs, heal your mind and body, gain more confidence and have an experience to remember while doing it.


We are sure you will leave us feeling awsome!

The Location...

The location for our Adventure detox week truly is unique and incredible. Positioned within the magnificent foothills of the western fells of the English Lake District, inbetween Wasdale and Eskdale, is the historic Irton Hall, a grand location that truly creates a special, one off retreat experience. At this retreat you will be walking, cycling, climbing and abseiling while taking in some truly amazing scenery and of course, juicing, detoxing and relaxing in accommodation fit for Lords!! 


We aim to run retreats in locations that are just a little bit different. With Irton Hall we have certainly succeeded. Parts of this historic place date back to the 14th century, and was home to the Lords of the Manors of Irton. This is a chance to get a great taste of true English Heritage while enjoying a packed retreat programme in an incredible part of the country.


The accommodation is split across 3 seperate buildings within the Irton Hall grounds and each one has its own unique charm and appeal. Beautiful chandeliers, elegant spacious rooms, stained glass windows and 19 acres of natural habitat and wildlife to explore leave you feeling like you have been transported back in time.


Stunning accommodation needs a stunning location. The Lake district certainly is stunning. Rolling hills and mountains, vast lakes, woodland and impressive scenery make this the perfect place to experience the thrilling adventures that will help clear your mind, boost your confidence and shift that excess weight.


Join us for our Adventure based detox and weight loss week and you will experience a unique retreat with magical moments!!  

The Retreat Experience...

At Juicy Retreats, we create an extensive retreat package which includes everything needed to maximise your chance of reaching your goals. At our retreats, all you have to do is concentrate on relaxing and having a fantastic time, we take care of the rest..


At our 7 night Adventure based detox retreat, we have managed to merge an exciting, activity based experience, with a complete detox programme that will maximise your weight loss potential and detox your mind and body.

This retreat is completely different from any other. We believe you will return home having conquered fears, tackled obstacles and achieved things which you thought were beyond you, as well as having lost weight, regained your energy and feeling far healthier. 


With that in mind, our 7 night retreat is packed with activities like Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Kayaking and rafting. Exciting, thrilling activities that will help you lose weight and detox without even realising it. Add all this to the inclusive yoga, meditation, Juicing and massage treatments and we are sure that you will acheive your goals while having a wonderful week to remember.


A true retreat is healing for the mind as well as the body. Having fun is a huge part of the detox process which is why our activity week allows you to experience a fantastic adventure that will leave you with a new found confidence and give you time to truly rest....rejuvinate.....retreat....the Juicy Retreats way!! 

The Programme...

Irton Hall is the perfect place to relax, unwind and detox. Your retreat will be shared with like minded people that will remain friends for life and you will experience adventure activities that will thrill and excite you. With adventures that can include Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Scrambling and High Ropes Courses, in addition to the more traditional Yoga, Meditation, Walking and Massage and lets not forget the trip out to the local spa (for some much needed pampering), there is plenty to keep you entertained throughout your detox week.


We also aim to educate you with an introduction to juicing, a daily nutrition talk from our Juicy Retreats Nutritionist and an introduction to meditation and breathing techniques to beat stress and anxiety.


Daily raw juices, super shots, herbal teas and mineral broths will be given to ensure that your body is brimming with live enzymes and healing vitamins and minerals, as well as a daily supplement regime of cleansing herbs and detox formulas to assist the detox process. You will also receive body brushes (with a chat on how to do it) and Epsom Salts, to help with the removal of toxins.


For the re-introduction of food, we like to give you something a little bit special, as a celebration for what you will have achieved. A post fast, delicious, light, 3 course, healthy meal, is prepared beautifully by our professional Juicy Retreats chef along with games and entertainment into the evening to complete a full week of Juice fasting.


A healthy breakfast starts your departure day and there will be just enough time for one final trip out to a local town for souvenirs and sightseeing before you set off home.

What's Included...


  • Pre retreat pack to include hints and tips on how you can begin cleansing and healing before the retreat to enable you to get the best results possible when you attend.

  • Transport throughout the week. Free transfers from Penrith Train Station for those arriving by train and airport transfer to and from Manchester International airport can be arranged for an additional fee for those who are deciding to fly in.

  • 7 Nights stay at the gorgeous historic Irton Hall in one of the large properties.

  • En-Suite accommodation

  • A vast area of land at Irton Hall for you to explore at your leisure

  • A healthy final meal at the property to begin the detox process.

  • A daily regime of juices, teas and broths to aid with healing.

  • Daily supplementation of cleansing herbs and support formulas to help the body cleanse.

  • Epsom salts and body brushing equipment with an intro on body brushing techniques.

  • Nightly relaxation sessions such as meditation and stress beating breathing techniques.

  • 5 full afternoons of exhilarating activities including abseiling, rock clinbing, rafting, high ropes course etc

  • 5 gentle 1hr yoga classes to relax and rejuvinate helping with the detox process. 

  • A complimentary treatment of your choice at the property from massage to councilling its up to you!

  • A complimentary visit to ? spa with another complimentary treatment.

  • Beautiful guided walks and mountain biking through the hills and lakes.

  • Regular talks from our nutritionist on nutrition, anti inflammatory healing foods and body typing.

  • A complimentary celebratory 'break the fast' meal to end the week (with some fun evening entertainment thrown in!!)

  • A Healthy, Light Breakfast on the day of departure. 

  • A Detox goodie bag to take home.  




*Travel to and from the retreat is not included in the cost of the retreat. Free transfers from the nearest train station can be arranged in advance. Transfers from Manchester international airport can also be arranged for an additional fee.


The benefits of Juice fasting are well documented. Many people who attend our retreat at Irton Hall will potentially see the following:


  • Weight loss of up to 7Llbs

  • Greater confidence

  • Improvement in skin and hair condition

  • More mental clarity

  • Improvement and sometimes complete disappearance of symptoms of existing health issues

  • Higher energy levels

  • A happier outlook on life

  • Better Physique

  • Reduced level of inflammation in the body

  • Better digestive health and function

  • Less general aches and joint stiffness

  • Improvement in overall health.


And much more...

Your Detox...

An extensive schedule has been created to encorperate various adventure activities into a detox structure effectively. The schedule will ensure that you get the absolute most from your week. However, it is 'your' detox.


You are encouraged to do as much or as little as you like. We recommend that you take part in all of the activities for the best experience. However, if you feel like laying in bed, taking a walk or missing an activity, or just sitting in a cosy spot and reading a book, you are in control and will be fully supported to reach your goal.

Getting Here...

The retreat runs from Saturday at 3pm until the following Sturday at 12pm.


Travel costs are not included in the price of the retreat.


Transfers to and from the nearest Train Station and Manchester Airport can be arranged in advance for international visitors and of course UK residents who do not wish to drive to the venue. 


For a detailed map location along with address and instructions on getting to us, please click the link below


Our Lake District Retreat runs throughout the year.


New dates are constantly being added so keep a close eye on the website for future retreats.


Currently we have retreats on the following dates;


Currently Unavailable

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