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 X-1000S Nutri Blender

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The JR Ultra X-1000S Nutri Blender is the new incredible bullet style Nutri Blender from Juicy Retreats. Unlike other personal style Bullet blenders, JR have combined smaller personal blending with incredible power, performance and usability. 

Not only is it one of the most powerful Personal Nutri Blenders you can buy, but it also allows for more control with a touch button control panel with 2 different speed settings and pulse function.

The JR Ultra X-1000S Nutri Blender utilises many of the advanced technologies which go into our award winning commercial blenders but in a condensed, personal and affordable Nutri blender. 

With an incredible 1200 Watt motor, the X-1000S Nutri blender is one of the most powerful and most advanced personal benders you can buy, yet still at a price you can afford. With a stainless steel 6 piece blade assembly for more efficient blending, a grinding attachment, BPA free Tritan cups as well as included stay fresh lids, JR are once again setting the standards for others to follow...why would you consider anything else...?

What is JR X-1000S



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"Powerful and beautifully crafted"


What makes it so good?

2 Speed settings


The JR Ultra X-1000S Nutri Blender is one of the only Personal Bullet Style blenders to offer you 2 different speed settings.


The pre set speeds allow for blending different ingredients on low or high speed depending on the consistency required. The added pulse button also allows for betting crushing of ice and for short burst blending when creating such things as sauces. The JR X-1000S allows for much more blending variety whether you are looking for smoothies, protein sports drinks, sauces, whole juices and much more...




Unique Patented 6 Piece Stainless Steel Blades


Patented blades on the JR Ulta X-1000S Nutri Blender allow for the creation of a much better vortex than other personal blenders. Larger in size and much tougher in material, the Toughened Stainless Steel blades on the X-1000S are designed to cope with the incredible power of the machine, blend efficiently and to a much smoother consistency. 

The blade design make them perfect for blending your smoothies, sauces, sports drinks, whole juices and more.


"Your Health...Our Passion"

Total Nutrition Blending System

A combination of the 6 piece blades and supreme power with the unique size and shape of the BPA free Tritan cups ensure that the ingredients you blend are completely pulverised and broken down. The vortex created keeps the ingredients constantly moving to ensure that they are sucked into the blades and the cell walls broken down to release all the nutrition making it much easier for your body to absorb and digest. 


Touch Scree Control

Unlike most other personal Nutri Blenders, the JR Ultra X-1000S actually allows you to choose between 2 set speeds, high and low, as well as a dedicated pulse button that you would find on high performance commercial blenders.

This allows you to use your personal blender for a much wider range of ingredients and tasks, including wet blending, grinding, sauces etc.

When you want to create something a little more gently or with a less smooth consistency, or if you want to crush ice for example, you have the ability to choose the lower setting or pulse for the best results. This really sets the JR Ultra X-1000S apart from other Nutri Blenders


The Toughest

Clean-easy Jar

Our uniquely shaped extra strong blending cups are tough and durable and completely BPA free. 

With 2 included blending cups you can blend large quantities in the 1 litre cup or scale it down and blend smaller amounts in the 0.5 litre cup for single serve drinks, or sauces as well as use the included blunt grinding blade attachment for grinding coffee, creating flour or indeed nut butters

With a shape and size that means you can use the included flip top lid to simply use the blending cup to drink from, with no need to transfer to other cups and glasses. Take your blended smoothie with you to the gym, to work, to the shops etc in the very cup that you used to blend with. Its incredibly convenient... 


Completely BPA free, 3mm thick and so easy to clean that you can simply run the blender with water and washing up liquid. This could be the perfect blender jar.


JR Touch Blender

Ultra Powerful 1200 Watt Motor

The hugely powerful 1200 Watt motor on the JR Ultra X-1000S Nutriblender is one of the most powerful of any personal bullet style blender. Designed to cope with all ingredients, the motor will spin the blades at incredibly high speed so that they completely break down the food you are blending with minimal effort as well as crushing ice effectively.


A motor you can trust

The top of the range, hugely powerful motor on the X-1000S Nutri Blender is a real blending machine. Designed to cope with all your personal blending needs, this really is one of the most reliable motors used in any personal Nutri Blender on the market today.

" just matters"


  • Powerful 1200 Watt Motor

  • 8 Piece set

  • Pulse Function

  • 2 Speed Settings

  • 6 Piece Stainless Steel Blades

  • BPA Free Parts

  • Weight = 2kg

  • Dimensions = 17.2 x 15.2 x 37.9 cm (with large cup inserted)

  • Warranty = 1 Year Parts and Labour

  • Wet Blending = Yes

  • Grinding = Yes

  • Jug Size = 1 Litre

  • Small Jug Size = 0.5 Litre

  • Run Time = 5 Minutes

"Treat yourself"


The JR Ultra X-1000S Nutri Blender. Whats included?

  • Ultra X-1000S Brushed Aluminium Blender Base

  • 2 Speed Button Control with Pulse Function.

  • Highest Strength, 1 Litre BPA Free, Tritan jar for wet processing 

  • Highest Strength, 0.5 Litre BPA Free jar for wet and dry processing

  • Ultra high strength, Stainless Steel blades for reliability and versatility.

  • 1 x Wet blending blade assembly

  • 1 x Dry grinding blade assembly

  • Full instruction manual

  • Included 1 Year full warranty on Parts and Labour

  • Optional Extended 2 Year Warranty

  • 2 x Stay fresh caps for storage


* You will have the option to choose your warranty length at checkout to suit your budget and requirements

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