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JR Quantum Commercial Quiet Blender

JR Touch 3

Commercial Power Blender

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JR Quantum Commercial Quiet Brushless Blender

The JR Ultra Touch 3 series blenders are at the pinnacle of new blending technology. 

The more efficient commercial grade peak 3.5 hp motor on the Touch 3 blender gives it huge blending power and performance that will allow you to blend virtually anything.

The Touch 3 series blenders utilise full touch screen control with speed slider for the most accurate of blending performance. Durable stainless steel blades mean wet and dry blending with a huge 2 litre jug and 5 pre set functions. 

With a unique 1 litre Cyclone Jug with twisting arms included, this incredible jug allows for blending sticky ingredients like nuts, dates and hummus with incredible ease as well as blending smoothies and grinding to perfection.

The new Touch 3 series blenders have taken blending and food processing to a next generation..

What is Touch 3?



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"Quietly Efficient"

Power meets performance..

JR Ultra Quantum

Commercial Grade Peak 3.5 horsepower motor

The huge power of the JR Touch 3 blender enables you to blend, mix, stir, puree and grind a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, ice and much more in just a few seconds. The huge power generated means that the commercial grade motor is capable of spinning at up to a staggering 35000 rpm. The power of the machine mixed with the superior patented blades means that the JR Touch 3 gives you incredible blending and food processing performance.

Peak 3.5 horsepower       1500 watts           7 Year warranty



JR Touch Blender

Included Innovative Cyclone Jar


The JR Ultra Touch 3 comes with the incredible Cyclone Jar included. This jug is perfect for making nut butters, hummus, sauces, pastes and other sticky, tough to blend ingredients. Other blenders need the use of a Tamper tool or just do not have the power for these tough tasks. With the hugely powerful motor in the Touch 3 blender, coupled with the Cyclone jar, you are just a twist away from the perfect textures.

The Cyclone jar is 1 litre capacity and is also perfect for smaller capacity blending of smoothies and grinding. It's the perfect blending accessory.

Smoothest Textures

Premium Design

The JR Touch 3 series blenders combine industry leading performance with unrivalled functionality.

5 pre set functions allow you to perform many tasks with 1 touch of the panel;

  • Smoothies

  • Soups/Hot Drinks

  • Ice Crush/Ice Cream

  • Whole Juice

  • Grinding

The JR Touch 3 also allows for even more precise blending and food processing;

  • 8 Speed, touch slider speed control.

  • Pulse function with error detection

  • Timer function for walkaway blending

JR Ultra Quantum Commercial Blender
JR Ultra Quantum Commercial Blender

Intelligent Blending

The JR Touch 3 series blenders take blending to a new level. Preparing your favourite recipes is now easier than ever. 

The Sleek touch interface features 5 intelligent preset functions that allow you to perform an incredible amount of tasks. The settings will increase and decrease the speed of the blender as well as pulse at certain intervals to make sure the very best result is achieved with minimal user interference.

For those who want more precise blending, the touch slider speed control is the most intuitive manual control feature of any blender and allows you to control the blender with a slide of your finger.


The Touch 3 series blenders are among the most advanced and easy to use blenders on the market.

Live healthier

The Toughest Clean-easy Jar

Our uniquely shaped extra strong jar has been tested to distruction.

The design and shape have been carefully thought out and produced to create a vortex movement of food withing the jar.


This vortex ensures that the food moves easier when being blended to ensure a better blend from your fruit, veg, ice or anything else for that matter.


Completely BPA free, 4mm thick and so easy to clean that you can simply run the blender with water and washing up liquid. This could be the perfect blender jar.


JR Ultra Quantum Commercial blender
JR Quantum Quiet Brushless Commercial Blender


  • Commercial grade 3.5 peak horsepower motor

  • Stainless Steel, sawtooth blender blades

  • Electricity Ratings: 220v - 240v machines, 1500 watts

  • LED Illuminated Touch Interface

  • 5 Pre Set Blending Functions

  • Manual touch slider control

  • Multi Speed and Timer functions for 'Walk Away Blending'

  • One Touch 'Pulse' function with error detection.

  • Dimensions: 47cm tall x 27cm wide x 25cm deep

  • Weight: 5.48 kg

  • Included extensive 4 year motor warranty, 2 years parts warranty

  • Optional 7 Years motor, 4 years parts warranty

  • Optional 1 year commercial warranty

  • Premium Silver or Supreme Red colours

  • BPA Free, Tritan plastic jug

  • Overload safety protection for true piece of mind

Grinding to perfection

The JR Ultra Touch 3 Power Blender.

Whats included?

  • JR Ultra Touch 3, touch screen blender base

  • Highest strength, BPA free, 2 litre Tritan jar and vented lid 

  • 1 litre BPA free Cyclone Jar     with twisting arms

  • 6 piece toughened stainless steel sawtooth blades

  • Heavy duty tamper tool

  • Comprehensive recipe book

  • Quick start blending guide

  • Long arm spatula

  • Full instruction manual

  • Included extensive 4 year motor warranty, 2 years parts

  • Optional 7 years motor warranty, 4 years parts

  • Optional 1 Year full commercial grade warranty on all parts and labour


At Home or at Work

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