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 Touch 2 Titan



The JR Ultra Touch 2 'Titan' is one of the most advanced blender you can buy. The Touch 2 takes all the incredible technology that went into the original Touch blender, and adds a whole lot more.


Not only is it one of the most powerful blenders you can buy, it is also the most reliable and arguably the most stylish blender there is. 


With its premium Champagne Gold, piano varnish finish, ripple effect Tritan jug, tungsten steel extra large blades, intuitive touch panel with preset functions, speed control and time settings, it truly is in a class of its own. The new built in temperature sensor for accurate blending as well as the new memory function to allow you to create your very own preset programme make the JR Ultra Touch 2 the blender that is setting the standards for others to follow.


The JR Touch 2 'Titan' also lives up to its name with its huge 3 horsepower, 2238 Watt commercial motor to blend virtually anything you want and with its industry leading 7 years warranty for domestic use, why would you consider anything else?...

What is Touch 2



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"Powerful and beautifully crafted"

What makes it so good?

Pre Set

Pro Nutrition Modes


The JR Ultra touch 2 'Titan' is the most advanced blender you can buy.

The pre set functions allow you to blend the most difficult of ingredients with absolute ease and the preset memory function even allows you to create your own pre set function for your most used recipe.




JR Ultra Touch 2 Commrcial blender

Unique Patented Xtra large Tungsten

Sawtooth Blades


Patented sawtooth tungsten steel blades feature an all new unique sawtooth shape design. With the addition of special grooves unique to the JR Ultra Touch 2, the blades now create a double vortex within the container to give a much more efficient blend. 

The JR blades are made of a superior 4 extra large piece assembly allowing you to blend both wet and dry ingredients in one container.

"Your Health...Our Passion"

Total Nutrition 

Blending System

The patented blending mechanisms within the JR Ultra touch 2 produces superior blending

performance. The new next generation blades and redesigned jar make blending effortless and ensures that the food is completely broken down to release all teh goodness into the smooth final product. When making healthy smoothies, the cell walls are broken down and the food blended so well that it releases all the nutrition so that your body can absorb as much as possible

Intelligent Touch

Pad System

The JR Ultra Touch 2 Titan takes all the innovation that came with the orginal Touch blender and simply improves it. 


Using the touch panel makes blending and food processing so easy and effortless and everything can be done with a simple touch.


The new touch panel allows even better and more intuitive controls and even features a brand new built in memory function so you can save your most used blend recipe. 


Superior performance should not sacrifice superior styling. The JR Ultra Touch 2 has both in abundance.


Champagne gold Piano varnish and a beautiful curved craft design to create a machine wih a premium style, sleek shine and a wonderful user experience. Designed to inspire and to look fantastic in your kitchen.


The integrated sound insulation also helps the JR Ultra Touch 2 to be quieter than most other commercial blenders.


The sleek integrated touch panel and brand new ripple effect jug makes 

the JR Ultra Touch 2 'Titan' a real classy machine.

Premium Design

JR Touch Blender

Industrial 3 Peak Horsepower Output

The huge power of the JR Ultra Touch 2 is designed to blend, mix, stir, puree and grind a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, ice and much more in just a few seconds. The huge power generated means that the industrial type 9545II motor is capable of blending at up to a staggering 45000RPM. The power of the machine mixed with the superior patented blades mean that the JR Ultra Touch 2 Titan creates a blend which is unrivalled. 


A motor you can trust

The top of the range, hugely powerful motor on the JR Ultra Touch 2 is a real blending machine. Designed to cope with intense commercial use, this really is one of the most reliable motors used in any blender today.

" just matters"

The Toughest

Clean-easy Jar

Our uniquely shaped extra strong jar has been tested to distruction.

The design and shape have been carefully thought out and produced to create a double

vortex movement of food withing the jar.


This double vortex ensures that the food moves 

easier when being blended to ensure a better blend from your fruit, veg, ice or anything

else for that matter.


Completely BPA free, 4mm thick and so easy to clean that you can simply run the blender with water and washing up liquid. This could be the perfect blender jar.


JR Ultra Touch 2 Titan Commercial Blender, power blender


  • Industrial 3 Peak Horse power Motor

  • LED Illuminated Touch Interface

  • 4 Pre Set Blending Functions

  • Built in Temperature sensor for accurate blending

  • Built in Memory function for your most used recipes

  • Multi Speed and Timer functions for 'Walk Away Blending'

  • 2238 watts, 220-240v

  • 9545II Motor capable of up to 45000 RPM blending

  • One Touch 'Pulse' function with error detection.

  • Dimensions: 47cm tall x 27cm wide x 25cm deep

  • Weight: 9.1 kg

  • Included extensive 10 Year domestic motor warranty, 7 years on all parts and labour

  • Included Extensive 1 Year full commercial warranty (Optional 2 and 3 Year)

  • Premium Piano Gloss Finish

  • Colour: Champagne Gold with chrome trim

  • BPA Free, Tritan 2L jar (blends both wet and dry)

  • Tungsten steel, sawtooth blender blades

  • Overload safety protection for true piece of mind

"Treat yourself"

The JR Ultra Touch 2. Whats included?

  • Ultra Touch Blender Base

  • Intuitive Touch pad for easy, stylish blending.

  • Highest Strength, BPA Free, Tritan jar and vented lid for wet and dry processing 

  • Patented, ultra high strength, tungsten sawtooth blades for reliability and versatility.

  • Total nutrition recipe book for the creation of healthy soups, smoothies, purees and sauces.

  • Tamper tool for mixing ingredients and easier blending

  • Included cup for easily measuring ingredients.

  • Full instruction manual

  • Included extensive 10 year domestic motor warranty, 7 years on parts and all labour

  • Included 1 Year full commercial grade warranty on all parts and labour not just the motor!!

  • A beautiful gloss finish with stainless steel trim for a premium look and feel in your kitchen like no other.


* You will have the option to choose your warranty length at checkout to suit your budget and requirements

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