JR Ultra 8000 s2 Slow Juicer

What is Purus?



The JR Ultra Purus Slimline Slow masticating juicer is at the cutting edge of juicing design and is brand new technology. This sleek and ultra slimline juicer has been created using the most advanced patented technology with

you in mind.

Slim, reliable, quiet and premium quality, the Purus has been designed 

to create the purest possible juice from the widest range of ingredients,

all whilst being much easier to use and clean.including leafy greens, 


Explore the Purus and find out exactly what it means for you..


"We've tried it out and it is much easier to use than traditional juicers while still creating tastebud-tingling juices!"


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JR Ultra Purus

30rpm Slimline Slow Juicer

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I wouldn't touch another brand again and cannot recommend these lovely lovely folks more!.

- Donnah Murray

Trustpilot Review

A very stylish juicer and a really gorgeous juice, highly recommended.


Amazon Review

Whatever you put in it comes out beautifully smooth and incredibly tasty...

Even my kids, who don't like vegetables, enjoy them...

We've tried it and it is much easier to use than traditional juicers while still creating tastebud tingling juices!

...Unrivalled Purity

Purus Means...Unrivalled Purity


The Purus slow juicer has been designed to achieve the purest possible juice. The revolutionary patented technology inside the juicer achieves a rotation of only 30 revolutions per minute. This is the slowest rotation of any juicer in the world meaning that the juice it creates is the freshest, purest & healthiest, full of more nutrition and live enzymes than any other juicer.


Slower rotation means a better juice. At 30rpm the Purus slow juicer by JR is truly in a world class of its own. Choose the Purus slow juicer if you really do want the healthiest possible juice.


Purus Means...Slim Elegant Design




The Purus is designed to look as good as it performs.


The slimline design with ultra reliable motor performance


sets a new standard in design and technology. From the slim, sleek body


to magnetic safety switch, everything has been designed to make the Purus


slow juicer perform to the highest level and meet the demand for higher


performing, slimmer juicers.


Choose Purus if you really do want a high performance juicer which looks


incredible and takes up much less room in your kitchen than conventional juicers.





Purus Means...Next Generation Simplicity


The Purus slow juicer's patented next generation 3 in 1 auger and filter is like no other. Other traditional slow juicers have multiple parts making cleaning and assembly more difficult. The Purus 3 in 1 auger is the only internal part to be cleaned and can also go in the diswasher. Assembly is quicker, cleanup is easier and because of the next generation, double winged design, the juice yeild is far superior to standard juicers, saving you money on expensive produce.


This 3 in 1, fully Ultem plastic auger also has an ultra fine mesh screen which creates a much smoother juice than conventional slow juicers. Choose Purus if you really do want the simplest juicing experience and easiest cleanup



Purus Means...Beautifully Crafted


The Purus slow juicer by JR is made from only the very highest quality materials. 

The auger and filters are made from only the very best Ultem plastic and stainless steel mesh. The juicing bowl is the highest quality Tritan plastic and all parts which come into contact with food and juice are fully BPA free for added piece of mind.

The metallic edges and unique matte colour finish give the juicer a real premium look and feel to match the premium performance which is achieved with only the very best slimline AC motor.

Choose Purus if you really do want a premium product which has been designed with the highest quality parts and materials.


Purus Means...Whisper Quiet Reliability


The JR Purus Slow juicer is a world leader in patented innovation and design. Using what is called a Planetary Gear System, the Purus is the only slim line juicer in the world which can use a superior ultra reliable AC Motor.


The Purus slow juicer takes all of the reliability and juicing efficiency of larger, bulkier and heavier juicers and condenses it all down into one slimline, sleek and incredibly quiet machine.

Choose Purus Slow juicer if you really do want the quietest, most efficient and incredibly reliable juicing experience.





Purus Means...Advanced Extraction


The patented advanced extraction system on the Purus slow juicer is truly unique. The only juicer in the world to feature a 3 in 1 system with a next generation double bladed auger making this juicer truly one of a kind.


Juice fruits, vegetables, greens, salads and many other products with

incredible ease. Make delicious home made nut milk and even use the

included extra filter for mouth watering 100% frozen fruit ice cream. This incredibly advanced extraction system creates a smoother juice than

standard slow juicers and is a true innovation in Juicer design.

Choose Purus slow juicer if you really do want a greater juice yield and

better quality juice.

In the Box





Pulp Strainer

Blank Strainer

(Fruit Sorbet)


Juice Jug

Pulp Jug

Strainer Key

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