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8000S Whole Slow Juicer

Coming Soon to USA

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What is 8000S?

JR Quantum Commercial Quiet Brushless Blender

The JR -8000 'S' is the most advanced wide feed chute slow juicer in 2017


In 2014 the JR8000 was the first of its kind in the world. The JR-8000 S takes all of that innovative technology and wraps it up into a new slimmer, sleeker and safer design for 2017.


The incredible whole food, masticating technology is now complimented with a double handed carrying handle, a sleek curved design and the slimmest body of any whole slow juicer currently available.


With the addition of the easy clean body, quieter motor and redesigned auger, this is the juicer for 2017...

Juice all fruits and vegetables with incredible ease with an extraction system that allows you to insert larger food items with much less chance

of clogging than other slow juicers.

Extract a larger juice yield and even juice leafy greens due to the unique patented auger with raised nodules which make the 8000S whole slow juicer much more efficient than other juicers.

With the added ability to make fruit and veg smoothies as well as frozen fruit dessert, the 8000S is the most versatile juicer you can buy.



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Coming Soon to USA...

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"Quietly Efficient"

Extra Wide 'Whole Food' Feed Chute

JR Ultra Quantum

What makes it so good?

NEW Innovative Whole Food Technology

The JR-8000 S is one of the very first slow juicers to feature an all new extra wide 7.5 cm feed chute. By allowing you to add whole fruit instead of chopping, the JR-8000S juicer saves you time, makes slow juicing easier, more convenient and far more enjoyable. More importantly, by taking the whole fruit, it yields a much richer and more nutritious juice. By crushing and squeezing whole food, the JR-8000 S will prevent unwanted oxidation from pre-cutting produce to fit standard slow juicers.

It also leaves no juice behind, so even more nutrition for you.


JR Ultra Patented Slow Juicer Technology

The JR-8000 S features our all new patented juicing technology. The Advance Squeeze Technology System (A.S.T.S) is the unique new JR system that allows for a much better juice extraction, especially from super greens and celery. 

Stunning Slim Design

The new JR 8000 S is designed with an all new slim, curved body with premium mirrored metallic logo to give it a true premium look and feel.

The JR 8000 S is the slimmest whole juicer you can buy and is now lighter due to its new 2 piece easy clean body and integrated double handed carrying handle.


Easy Assembly

With the updated red dot indicator system, the JR Ultra Whole Slow Juicer can be assembled in seconds.


Height = 47cm  Width = 16cm  Depth = 21 cm


Slow Juicer Technology


A Much More Superior Juice

The unique A.S.T.S technology on the JR-8000 S means that there is a completely new higher strength Ultem auger design and a much slower extraction rate.

The result of this is much more juice extracted and of course, most importantly, even more nutrition, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes in an unbelievably tasty and healthy juice that is far more resistant to oxidation and stays fresher for longer.

The JR-8000 S is at the pinnacle of juice extraction. 

Non Drip Mixing Cap


Pre Mixed Juice & Easier Cleaning 

The unique non drip mixing cap allows you to rinse the machine if you are dong more than one type of juice. Closing the cap and pouring in water allows you to rinse away some of the flavours if you intend to do a second juice 


Keeping the cap closed during juicing also means that the juice is mixed inside the machine allowing you to pour out a ready made juice. The added bonus is that closing the cap after juicing prevents the sticky drips on the work surface. So simple, so effective!

JR Ultra Quantum Commercial Blender
JR Ultra Quantum Commercial Blender

Greater Lifespan               More Torque            Quieter Juicing

NEW Next Generation Near Silent AC Motor


Greater Reliability, Near Silent Operation.

The upgraded next generation AC motor on the JR Ultra Whole Slow Juicer is one of the most reliable motors used in Juicers today.

This brush less, vibration free, state of the art motor is actually more powerful at an incredible 240 watts and produces much more torque than other standard motors. This higher power and torque means that the JR-8000 S Juicer can extract juice from all kinds of produce much more effectively, yet it still remains one of the quietest most energy efficient juicers you can buy.


3 Premium Colours

3 in 1 Magic Machine

1. Juices, Nut & Bean Milks

2. Smoothies

3. Frozen Fruit Dessert 

Juices, Smoothies, Frozen Fruit Dessert and Nut Milk!


The JR8000S has the most included features of any juicer. The 3 included filters on this JR Ultra Juicer are ideal for creating delicious Juices, 100% frozen fruit desserts, smoothies and nut/bean milks. You and your whole family can now enjoy tasty sweet treats that are 100% good for you. No additives, no preservatives, just 100% healthy and completely homemade.

JR Quantum Quiet Brushless Commercial Blender
  • AC High Torque 240 Watt Motor 

  • Extra Large 7.5 CM Feed Chute

  • BPA Free Tritan Plastics

  • Ultem Auger and Filter​

  • Run Time 30 Minutes

  • Forward and Reverse Funtions

  • Dimensions: 47cm tall x 27cm wide x 25cm deep

  • Weight: 7kg

  • Included extensive 5 Year domestic warranty on Motor 1 Years Parts

  • Optional 10 Year Warranty with 2 Years Parts

  • 3 Premium Colours

  • Overheat and overload cut out safety system

Fuel For Life

JR Ultra Quantum Commercial blender

The JR Ultra 8000S Juicer. Whats included?

The most feature packed juicer on the market.

  • ​Main Juicing Unit with 240 Watt AC Industrial Motor

  • 1 x Juice Filter

  • 1 x Smoothie Filter

  • 1 x Frozen Fruit Dessert Filter

  • 1 x Pusher

  • 1 x Rotating Basket Brush

  • 2 x Jugs ( 1 x Juice Jug, 1 x Pulp Jug

  • Cleaning Brush.

  • Detailed JR Juicer instruction manual

  • Recipe Book

  • Comprehensive 5 Year JR Motor Warranty, 1 year parts, for true peace of mind.

" The JR-8000S takes fruit and veg squishing to a completely new level!' "


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