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JR Titanium IQ In T3 Magazine!

The JR Titanium IQ Smart Blender, Now Featured in T3 Magazines 101 Gadgets you simply can't live without!

At JR we have always been proud to have some incredible machines. With the release of the new commercial blender range, we really are now among the most technically advanced home appliance brands in the world. Always at the very forefront of new design and technology, the new Titanium IQ Smart blender is taking professional blending to a new level and has now been named in the 101 gadgets that you simply cannot live without by the world famous Technology magazine T3 Gadget Mag.

The Titanium IQ smart blender is the only blender in the world that features smart technology to link to an App with an ever expanding library of recipe videos to follow. It also features Titanium blades, a huge industrial motor, touch screen functionality and many other features to help you become your very own professional chef in your own home kitchen. This blender is taking high performance appliances to a new level and this is why JR now sits proudly alongside brands such as Samsung, Apple and Sony in T3 magazine as an appliance you can't live without :-)

Check out the feature in the October 2016 issue of T3 Magazine where you can see the JR Titanium IQ as well as many other incredible new technology.

You can also see more information on the Titanium IQ as well as all of our other top blenders on the website at the following link.

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