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The JR 8000S...Now featured in T3 Magazines 101 gadgets you simply can't live without

The JR 8000 S, Now Featured in T3 Magazines 101 Gadgets you simply can't live without!

JR slow Juicers have always been held in high regard. But since the release of the incredible JR8000 whole slow juicer in 2014, one of the very first whole slow juicers in the world, JR have really proven to be at the very forefront of innovation and juicing design. With the release of the updated JR8000S whole slow juicer for 2015, the world renowned essential technology magazine T3 has named it as the only juicer to make the list of 101 tech gadgets that you simply cant live without!!

Each year T3 looks at all the very best top tech available in all walks of life and takes the very best item from each area. We are delighted to have been placed as the very top juicing brand alongside some incredible gadgets and gizmos.

Positioned alongside £1700 Samsung washing machines and £500 Apple smartphones, usually this type of list is not the place to find a juicer. However, the JR 8000 S impressed T3 so much that this year a slow juicer finally sits among some true technology giants.

T3 said that 'there is no better way to get all the essential nutrients from fruit and veg than by slow juicing and the JR 8000S takes fruit-squishing to an entirely new level!!'

This is high praise indeed and we are certain that with the new Purus slow juicer added to the range that JR is the brand that really can provide a juicer for everyone so that you now don't have to live without one :-)

Check out the full T3 feature of 101 gadgets that you simply can't live without, including the JR8000 S Juicer, in the September-October issue of the magazine issue 247.

Find out more information about the JR 8000 S juicer and all of our other incredible juicers including the brand new Purus slow juicer on the website at the following link

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