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The next generation JR-Ultra Multipurpose Slow Juicer has been announced. Meet the JR-6000

Welcome to the next generation.

Juicy Retreats are proud to announce the first of our two new, next gen, JR-Ultra juicers. The JR-6000 Multipurpose Slow Juicer.

As the direct upgrade to our top of the range and unbelievably popular and successful JR-5000 Juicer (which is still going strong), the new JR-6000 brings multifunctionality to the juicer party!

Smaller, sleeker, stronger and quieter, the new JR-6000 has it all and so much more. With the new, upgraded, JR Ultra next generation juicing technology, you are able to extract even more juice that is tastier, healthier and full of even more live enzymes than before.

Our new Advanced Squeeze Technology is the same unique tech that is featured in our flagship new JR-8000 model, making the JR-6000 unbelievable value for money.

At Juicy Retreats we want to make juicing fun and get more people involved in the juicing world. That is why we are so happy to deliver a juicer that does so much more than just juice.

A new non drip mixing cap, an innovative easier cleaning system, a magnificent attachment for making frozen fruit desserts, a slicing and grating attachment and even coming in the near future, as an optional extra, a new attachment for making delicious healthy milkshakes. We honestly believe that this could just be one of the most feature packed juicers that you can buy, and it's right here at Juicy Retreats.

The JR-5000 Ultra Juicer was a huge step forward in juicing tech and with the JR-6000 it has been taken even further forward.

"But will it look good in my kitchen?" Good question! At Juicy Retreats we take designing our juicers very seriously. There is no point in trying to get healthy with a new juicer that makes you want to throw it out of the window because it is so ugly!! The JR-6000 has been designed not only to extract a nutritious healthy juice, but to also make you want to use it when you look at it and to sit proudly and subtly on your kitchen surface.

Smaller, lighter and more compact than our previous juicers, the JR-6000 packs a whole lot of tech into a sleek curved design with a stylish shiny steel finish that will work in any kitchen design.

Good looking, feature packed and designed to be so simple to use, the new JR-6000 is ideal for those of you who are new to juicing as well as seasoned pro's!

For those of you who are new to the world of slow juicers, by squeezing the juice from the produce instead of cutting and shredding (power juicers), more juice is extracted, enzmes remain live, vitamin content is preserved and the juice is far more resistant to seperation and oxidation (it's just a better juice in every way!) This keeps the extracted juice fresher and healthier for much much longer if refridgerated and the added bonus of extracting more juice is that you use less produce. You save money!!

Healthier and richer, now thats a great combination for us to end this article!!

For more details on the JR-6000 Multipurpose Slow Juicer be sure to click the following link;

To take a look at the whole JR Juicer range including both of the new JR Ultra juicers, check out the next link;

Happy juicing and remember...treat yourself!!



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