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A huge leap forward in Juicing. The new JR-8000 Whole Fruit Slow Juicer from the JR Ultra Range is F

At Juicy Retreats we like to keep at the very forefront of Juicing technology and design. A lot of work, research and development goes into ensuring that we are able to provide juicers that are at the very pinnacle of new technology and packed with the very best features to allow you to get the best and most enjoyable juice possible.

We are delighted to finally be able to announce the new range of JR Ultra Juicers that include the incredible JR-6000 and of course the new flagship model in the range, the JR-8000 Whole Fruit Slow Juicer.

At JR we are at the forefront of juicer technology. We are so passionate about juicing and the health benefits that it brings, that we wanted to provide a juicer that would encourage more people to start their journey down the juicing road to better health.

After much anticipation, the JR-8000 Ultra Whole Fruit Slow Juicer is available to order. Our aim is to provide a juicer that produces the most tasty, healthy and nutrient rich juice for health and vitality combined with the ease and convenience of use that ensures people will continue to juice forever.

The JR-8000 is one of the first juicers to bring together the nutritional benefits of slow juicing with the convenience of being able to add larger pieces of food and even whole fruits. This really does mean that you can do less chopping and much more juicing in much less time.

The JR-8000 is also capable of producing a much better juice and much bigger juice yield than conventional juicers. At only 60rpm, the ultra reliable next generation motor turns at a much slower rate than other conventional slow juicers and is one of the quietest you will hear (or not hear as the case may be!) By using such a quiet low speed motor, the produce is squeezed for longer and less heat is generated, even than other slow juicers. This means more juice, a drier pulp and a much nicer, healthier juicing experience.

Another feature that really sets this apart from the rest is the new patented Auger. Completely re-designed to be able to juice larger pieces of food and whole fruit as well as technology added that enables the extraction of more juice from the likes of tricky greens and fibrous celery. This patented design and function really changes the shape compared to conventional slow juicers. Add to that the fact that the whole juicer itself has been designed for performance, functionality and ease of use. This makes the JR-8000 look incredibly unique, stylish and modern.

Just like every other JR Ultra juicer, design has been seriously considered. A shiny metal finish on a sleek body that you just can't stop looking at. The JR-8000 wants to be taken very seriously!

The flagship model in the Juicer range would also not be complete without the extra add-ons to really set it apart. The added frozen fruit dessert and smoothie attachments are a great feature to get the whole family eating healthy treats, even the kids will love it. The non-drip smart cap allows you to pre-mix juices inside the machine before pouring. It also prevents the messy work surface and helps with the clean up afterwards.

Having welcomed reports recently that the daily recommendation of fruit and veg is now 7 portions, (JR won't be happy until it is at least 10, but 7 is definately a move in the right direction!) there really is no better time to jump onto the juice train to lose weight and get slim, fit and healthy. Juicing enables you to get pretty much all of your 7 portions in one juice if you want to. Add that to a healthy eating regime and you will certainly look to easily double the recommendation and feel so much better for it.

Fruits and Vegetables are the only foods that have never come under any kind of scrutiny or had any kind of evidence to show that they are even in the slightest bit bad for your health. More and more people are finally starting to understand the importance of eating as much fresh produce as possible for a long, happy, healthy life. Slow juicing is one of the best ways to get as much nutrition into your body as you can and with the new JR-Ultra range of juicers we are hoping that we are able to help people to do just that.

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