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The JR Ultimate range of Personal and Sports Blenders

Juicy Retreats are incredibly proud to be updating our previous range of personal and sports blenders to a new and improved model for 2014. The new additions to our JR Ultimate Nutrition, Health and Fitness range are the superb JR Elite and JR Extreme personal and sports blenders.

These fantastic portable blenders are incredibly versatile and can be used by anyone for so many different purposes.

At Juicy Retreats we don't want any excuses when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition so we have brought to you a blender that is so easy and enjoyable to use. The JR Ultimate range of personal blenders are cabable of creating healthy smoothies, protein shakes, iced slushies (healthy fruit slushies of course) and the best thing about them is that you can blend your drink and then drink from the very same bottle you blended in.

We have updated the design so that you not only get a great blender but get a stylish one too. The JR Elite comes in Juicy Retreats traditional Orange (of course our favourite colour!!) and the JR Extreme comes in gorgeous sporty blue.

We trialled these at one of our recent Detox, Weight Loss and Juice Retreats and they went down a treat. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly good, however we took on board some of the constructive feedback and made some more small improvements before putting them on the site for all you to enjoy.

We love to let our retreat guests get hands on with our new JR Ultimate products. The feedback we get is incredibly important to us so that we know that we are providing a quality product that is worthy of the JR badge. Of course, as a thank you to all who trial our products at our detox retreats, everyone gets to take the product home as a gift.

Don't forget that we also made these blenders to be great additions to your healthy living lifestyle. The JR Ultimate Blenders are perfect to be used along with our Ultimate Juicers. When it comes to juicing there is nothing much nicer than the addition of a blended avocado or banana into your super healthy green juice as a general energy booster or pre run or workout kick and because the blenders are portable take it from us it's so much better than having to set up and use the conventional blender and then scrub it all down afterwards, all just for one avocado!!

Some final feedback was about the shape and size of the bottle. We took this on board and have created a sports bottle that is shatter proof with over half a litre capacity and erganomically designed to the shape of your hand. We also added a smart new carrying handle to the lid. All these minor adjustments have made the bottle not only look cool (even if we may say so ourselves) but also make it the perfect bottle to take with you when you are exercising or working or even driving (and of course you look cool drinking from it when you are relaxing in front of the telly!!)

Thanks to everyone again who contributed feedback to this great new product, you have definately helped to create a fantastic update to the Ultimate blender range that can wear the JR stamp with pride!!

Keep checking back to the Juicy Retreats Blog to see juice, smoothie and healthy eating recipes, some of which will be made with the JR Elite and Extreme Blenders, that will be perfect for your Detox, Weight loss, health and fitness regimes.

You can see Fraser having some fun with the blenders while creating a favourite healthy smoothie of his, the banana berry nut blast. He uses the JR Elite blender to create his healthy high protein, high vitamin pre workout drink. Check out the video here;

Don't forget that you can find more info on the blenders as well as our juicers here;

And if you feel like you still need more info or just want to chat about any of our other juicy products just feel free to drop us a line.

Thats it for another blog post, keep up the good work, keep juicing, keep active and remember...Treat Yourself!!

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