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And Finally.....Juicy Retreats has its very own BLOG!!!

The title says it all..finally..Juicy Retreats has embraced the world of blogging!! We decided that we wanted to tell the world about the benefits of detoxing, juicing and good nutrition so what better way than to shout about it on our website!!

From now on, this is the place to find out about everything thats going on in the Juicy Retreats world, including news, views, opinions and stories from our detox, weight loss and juice retreats.

"But we want inspirational stories from people who have found greater health at your detox retreats"..I here you ask!! problemo, this is the place to find them. We'll even keep you lovely fellow juice lovers updated with our future retreat dates so that you too might be able to change your lives for the better.

Oh there's gonna be more...much more!! The Juicy Retreats blog is the place to keep updated with future launches of exciting new product ranges to compliment our juicing and detox retreats to make them even more special and we will be adding regular juicing recipes and healthy detoxifying meal ideas for you to try and give feedback on good or bad!! ha

To get the old brain sparking we will be giving opinions and getting comments on health topics like juice fasting and the health benefits of detoxing the body etc. Most importantly however, we plan to use this blog as our way to engage with all you juicy people and give you an incite into the way we think and act at Juicy Retreats. We honestly believe that true health and wellbeing can be achieved with proper optimum nutrition and a different more relaxed attitude towards life.

We also believe that we all need a little down time. Even the Juicy Retreats team can't be thinking about detoxing and juicing 24/7. This is why you might just find the odd random topic on here talking stuff about a lot of nonsense, just for fun.

So..make sure you keep checking back regularly for up to date juice blogs and please feel free to join in the Juicy party by having your say. Be sure to check out our latest retreat dates by clicking the link and we hope to see some of your very soon.

Remember...Treat yourself!!

And so....the Juicy retreats blog begins!!

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