D-Toxd has been created to be your home away from home, and as such, we have ensured that your room is your personal, private haven for your stay with us. We are not a hotel and there are beautiful communal areas for you to use and enjoy at your leisure. Even though you won’t be spending much time in your room, we have made sure they are as luxurious as possible.
We have 8 spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, 7 Deluxe Rooms and 1 Superior Suite all of which have been given their own personal touches to make this truly your home away from home. In fact, the entire building has been surveyed by our Feng Shui expert to ensure that you receive the attention you require, regardless of which room you choose. ​


At D-Toxd, regardless of which space you choose in which to rest and relax while you are with us, you can be guaranteed that your comfort is our main concern during your stay.

Your “room” is your own personal space to rest, relax and unwind - it’s your personal refuge for the week.

DTOXD, a great balance to ensure you get all the rest and relaxation you need.

Below is a guide as to what happens on a typical day with us. It must be noted that not every day at the Retreat is the same and this is just a guide for your reference. Remember, everything is optional on our program so you get to take part in whatever you choose


08:00 - Yoga or Stretch Session
09:00 - Breakfast (we always start the day with a freshly prepared Juice/Smoothie)
10:00 - Morning Walk
11:30 - Morning Boost (our mid-morning snack)
12:00 - Exercise Class ** (Circuits, Total Body Workout or Core Work)
13:00 - Lunch Time
14:00 - Afternoon Class ** (Talks, Creativity)
15:30 - Afternoon Snack
16:30 - Afternoon Class ** Individual Program Dependant)
18:00 / 18:30 - * Dinner
20:00 - Meditation, Movie of Free Time

Whats included

  • The complete 7 Day Program

  • Daily Exercise Classes

  • Daily Yoga or Stretching Session

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

  • All Educational and Mindset Classes

  • Demonstrations and Informative Talks

  • All Fresh Juices and Meals

  • Full use of ALL Exercise Facilities​

  • Detailed Lifestyle Assessments and Consultations

  • 24-Hour Access to Library and Recreational Facilities

  • All Fitness Monitoring Equipment

  • Full Access to the Retreat and Gardens

  • All Support, Coaching and Encouragement

  • And much, much more . . . . . . . .

At D-Toxd, it is our aim to ensure that you get the most out of your stay so we have made sure that, whatever you choose to do, there will be enough to keep you occupied, and at the same time, a great balance to ensure you get all the rest and relaxation you need.

Make your choice from the following programs during your stay with us. With your input, we’ll give you a personalized program upon your arrival to follow during your stay so that you work towards the results you desire.



Weight Loss



Focus Clarity

Rest and Relax


 All members of our team are highly experienced in dealing with all the programs that we have put together – in fact, it is for this reason that our programs have been put together. We know exactly what it is like to face these challenges and our experience through each of them ensures we can support you along your journey to feeling good again.

Detox programmes work by clearing out toxins that come from certain foods such as alcohol, sugar and processed foods, plus those that come from stress and pollution.

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