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"Amazing! I LOVED my experience! I loved how clean my body felt by the time I left!"

"Having been to Ti Sana twice on both occasion the experience has exceeded my expectations."

"Bellissima esperienza!"

Ti Sana Detox retreat is a noble dwelling dating back to 1711, lovingly restored by the D’Angelo family. Their dream was to create an exclusive health spa where guests are warmly welcomed and are immediately surrounded by a feeling of wellbeing and wellness.

Ti Sana retains its ancient charm and three years of careful restoration work has brought this ancient and refined dwelling back to its original splendor which was originally owned by the noble Strigelli family.

Here you can feel the understated style of the Lombard tradition, reading the famous novel “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni who was able to pass on the emotions, looking at every house, every wall, and every stone.

Italy’s culture of warm and sincere hospitality is clearly reflected at Ti Sana where each guest is treated to the highest standard of personal attention. Food is served in accordance with the seasons and is carefully selected to keep the body harmonious and balanced. Ti Sana’s approach is one of individual harmony and invites you to look inside and detach yourself from outside influences.

The Healtheatarian philosophy, a lifestyle choice!

Ti Sana’s Healtheatarian programme rises from the need to merge scientific research (science based evidence medicine) with the holistic world of alternative medicine, which sees the whole human body as an interconnected system of health.

The Healtheatarian nutritional program at Ti Sana is unique because it does not consider all human beings to be identical.

This is why Ti Sana does not prescribe the same standard food regimes, supplements, physical activities and treatments to each individual guest.

Ti Sana’s programs allow guests to revitalize the body from the damage inflicted by our modern lifestyle and help to prevent the absorption and accumulation of toxins. Ti Sana offers programs in Lifestyle management to teach us how to improve our quality of life and slow down the ageing process.

Thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems, Ti Sana’s experts are able to recognize the effects that the wrong choices we make in our daily lives have on the body. Due to the nature of the personalized treatments on offer, improvements in health are closely monitored by the team at Ti Sana.

From the documented guest sample we certified:


  • Significant decrease of the risk of cardiovascular disease (up to 50%)

  • A reduction in Type II diabetes (up to 58%)

  • Average body weight loss of 3%

  • Loss of 6,6% of fat mass and 7,2% of visceral adipose tissue (AAT)

  • At Ti Sana 85% of guests lose fat mass and insignificant free fat mass whilst maintaining and developing muscles tissue

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